I’m Miodrag Kovachevic (or Kovačević if you prefer fancy letters). As you’ve likely noticed from the website, I’m a writer and game designer. I hail from the far away and mystic land of Serbia, where people worship bread, salt and rakiya, while the outside world confuses us with Siberia. Specifically, I’m from a small town called Zajechar, near the Bulgarian border.

Officially, I’m a philologist and I’m practically fluent in English, German and Serbian (and know some basic Japanese to boot). In practice, these days I focus on game design in various forms and try to do some writing in my spare time. I’ve been part of the games industry for a while now in one form or another. I was a freelance reviewer for various printed and online outlets from 2007 and all the way until 2012. After that, I got the opportunity to work in the actual games industry as a PR and Community guy for 18 months at Nordeus before moving on to being a game designer and then lead game designer at Eipix Entertainment.

I am currently a Game System Designer at Starbreeze/OVERKILL in Stockholm, Sweden.

I am also the author of the novella “The Ring of Void”, which you can check out on Amazon and

If you’d like to talk about games, projects, my writing or anything really, feel free to shoot me an email.