Pages and projects of my own:

  • @MDKII – my personal Twitter
  • Facebook – my personal Facebook. I mostly post stuff under “Public”, so you can follow my drivel there
  • LinkedIn – if we’ve worked together or met previously, you can add me here
  • The Ring of Void Fan Page – if you liked the book you can officially like it here
  • Score Attack – a gaming variety channel where I post Let’s Plays and random videos.
  • Twitch – I stream video games here pretty often.

Some of the places I work at or have worked at in a certain capacity:

  • Starbreeze Studios – the folks behind Payday and Overkill’s the Walking Dead. Obviously most famous for the Riddick games.
  • Eipix – one of the leading Hidden Object game developers in the World
  • Nordeus – one of the top European mobile/social game studios, most notable for Top Eleven
  • Svet Kompjutera – “Computer World”, the top Serbian PC and gaming magazine
  • Press X or Die – a gaming blog I wrote on with friends


  • E1 – a sublime graphic designer that frequently helps me out with various projects
  • Pagoda Comics – the artist responsible for the amazing Ring of Void cover
  • Darrel Drake – author of the Flameforged Saga
  • Solar Black – music and illustrations