New Year, New Developments


Now that 2015 is up and running properly and has had its obligatory launch-day patches, it’s safe to share some news.

First off, I’m officially a Lead Game Designer now. This is a big career step for me and means doing more of the things I love, as well as having more opportunities to learn the trade. So hooray for that!

I’ll also be taking part in a panel at Belgrade’s Chibicon this month (weekend of Jan 31/Feb 1). It’s about morality systems in video games, so if you’re in the neighborhood and understand Serbian, drop by and say hi!

The Ring of Void is doing so-so. I’m trying to figure out how to give it the most exposure, but marketing books is proving to be harder than I thought. I’m experimenting with various methods, but I am at least happy with the feedback I’ve received so far. I’m hoping to have the sequel ready for mid-2015.

Also, if you like podcasts and let’s plays, check out Score Attack. We’re still active with that project and it’s gonna last for quite a while.