“The Ring of Void” Out This Week

After dealing with a lot of stuff that was book-related but had nothing to do with actual writing, I’m happy to say that the Ring of Void will be available for purchase starting this week. Aside from being available digitally in the Amazon store, it will also be available in print form as print-on-demand.

I’d like to say that the journey is finally over, but I’ll have plenty of other things to tackle: making it available on more distribution channels, trying to get the book some more coverage, etc. There’s still plenty of work to do and 2015 is going to be a long year for me. I’d like to use this moment to thank everyone who supported and helped me with the Ring of Void.

I also intend to do a detailed post about the entire process of getting a book out there from zero to the store. A lot of what I’m doing is trial and error, but as I’ve figured out some things from others’ mistakes, so should others learn from mine. And really, I want some of the insanity out there for posterity’s sake.